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Contactless Authentication in reach – with ELATEC

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Preparing for the Future of User Authentication in Parking

Easy Entry: RFID for Parking Authentication 

Parking space is at a premium in most urban locations,...

Ditch the cards for your loyalty program. Go mobile instead.

The loyalty card problem

Chances are, if you open your wallet or purse, you’ll find a stack of...

Time recording, made easy: Solutions for the new legal landscape

A challenge for employees—with many unanswered questions

Now, the decision has been made—in...

One Access Solution for All

Unlocking Access to a Smarter World

The defining term for the 21st Century so far is “smart.” The...

Authentication in times of cyber attacks

In the vast majority of cyber breaches, human carelessness, error or gullibility plays a...

Driving Global Growth in EV Charging Infrastructure

Access Solutions for EV Charging Infrastructure

EV charging stations require user authentication...

LEAF Identity Credentials Deliver Interoperability and Security

What Is the LEAF Standard for Access Control and Identity Management?

LEAF is a new standard for...

Is it Time for Your Organization to Implement Zero Trust?

The Evolving Cybersecurity Landscape

The security landscape has changed significantly over the last...

Mobile Authentication: Five Reasons To Go Mobile

Here are five reasons we believe the Go Mobile trend is here to stay.

Who’s Ready to “Go Mobile”? Digital Maturity Predicts Mobile Credentialing Acceptance

Denize, who undertook the study as her executive master’s thesis, says, “Go Mobile is not a trend;...


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