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Contactless Authentication in reach – with ELATEC

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LEAF Identity Credentials Deliver Interoperability and Security

What Is the LEAF Standard for Access Control and Identity Management?

LEAF is a new standard for...

Universal RFID Readers Simplify Inventory Management for Industrial Vending OEM

An Industrial Vending Solution for Parts and Consumables

3 Trends in Digital Healthcare

A trade fair report by Burhan Gündüz, Vice President Secure Printing EMEA & Japan. 

Mobile authentication: Will smartphones replace cards in the future?

Benefits of smartphone authentication—and what cards can do.

No more hassle with passwords. Automatic single sign-on.

Everyone uses them, everyone needs them, and most of the time, not just one, but several. Passwords...

How EV Charging Benefits from Secure Authentication

Here’s why the industry is looking to RFID and mobile technologies for convenient, secure...

Contactless Mobile Authentication Improves Health and Hygiene

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a renewed concern around hygiene in shared workspaces and public...


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